CELTIC NIGHT 2015 behind us - THANK YOU ALL !!!

The 14th annual Celtic Night - Day of the Celts and allied Vikings, Slavs, Germans and Franks is behind us and we can take stock and assess (on relaxing for us organizers still to early). We are pleased to announce to all that the Celtic Night 2015 was very successful and is ranked as one of the best years, as evidenced by both the attendance, which exceeded the previous years and the enthusiastic reactions of visitors who evaluated this program as the best program in the KN history.

The organizational team wants to thank everyone who has attended the festival in every position !!! Thanks to all our partners and sponsors for their support of CN, thanks to all artists (musicians, dancers, sound designer, Celtic camp and fighters) for excellence and professionalism, thanks to all the staff and assistants in all positions for their devoted work.
Special thanks want to express to councilors Olomouc Region for their support of Celtic night, namely the governor of the Olomouc Region Ing. Jiri Rozboril and the 1st Deputy Governor Mgr. Alois Macák MGA, who took over Celtic Night - Plumlov personal patronage. For the support of CN we want to thank to councilors of towns of Prostejov and Plumlov, to newspaper Prostějov Večerník for excelent presentation of the festival, all workers of campsite Zralok for their assistance in organizing the festival. Thanks to all different boutique and stall providers for first-class menu as in catering as well as in the field of art and gifts and stylish clothes. Big thanks also to YOU - our great audience of this year, as in previous years created a great and unforgettable CN 2015. Thanks to Valhalla security agency Group for perfect security this year's edition of our festival. For me and the entire organizing team of CN is all this a big commitment and I want to assure everyone that we will do everything to ensure that our Celtic Night never lose their individuality and Celtic charm, style and genre distinctiveness, quality of program should continue first-class level.

Let me announce that a provisional date of next Celtic Night: 22 to 23 7th 2016 !!! Venue: Plumlov - camping Zralok !!! The program of next year will be really great because next year we celebrate 15th anniversary of Celtic night in unbroken series and it is for us a very emotional affair. It's proof that Celtic Night is a quality cultural event, which well represents our region and its cultural traditions, events which attracts more and more people not only from the Czech Republic but also from abroad. We are proud and happy that our Celtic Night is described as one of the best festivals of its genre in our country and already has its place on the cultural map of the Czech Republic.

CELTIC NIGHT 2015 is behind us ... Long live CELTIC NIGHT 2016 !!! Sláinte !!!

For the team of Celtic Night - Tom Somr - Old Viking.


Friday 2016, July 22nd - from 03:00 PM to 02:00 AM
Saturday 2016, July 23th - from 11:30 AM to 02:00 AM

Address: ATC Žralok, Rudé armády Str. No.: 302, 798 03 Plumlov, Czech Republic, Europe find on map

You can use advantageous presale of tickets CN 2016 on this link www.ticketstream.cz.

Tickets price list

  • Friday Ticket: 350,-CZK (in presale: first wave 250,-CZK, second wave 300,-CZK)
  • Friday Ticket - children from 6 years to 14 years: 120,-CZK - only in a place

  • Saturday Ticket: 350,-CZK (in presale: first wave 250,-CZK, second wave 300,-CZK)
  • Saturday Ticket - children from 6 years to 14 years: 120,-CZK - only in a place

  • Fri. and Sat. Ticket: 500,-CZK (in presale: first wave 400,-CZK, second wave 450,-CZK)

Tickets at TICKETSTREAM network, www.ticketstream.cz, tel.+420 224 263 049, e-mail: info@ticketstream.cz. You can buy E-TICKETS it can be purchased on-line and printed on your own printer at home!

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We looking for to see you to enjoy our Fifteenth annual of CELTIC NIGHT festival!

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