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celtic night


keltska noc


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keltska noc


celtic night

CELTIC NIGHT 2019 / July 19th – 20th at Camping Zralok, Plumlov

Crisp sound of the bagpipes
Cuts through the air so bright,
My horn is filled up with mead
Scottish regiment ready for fight.

The rhythms of the bodhrán
Call to dance at our camping site
Nothing else but jig and reel
We’ll be here til the morning light.

Slavs and Celts shout – Sláinte buddy!
Ray sings Pííívo… – which means beer,
Old Viking shouts his “Hello everybody”
For all to be sure that Celtic Night is here!

Tom Somr – The Old Viking

Hear all Celts, Vikings, Slavs, Franks, Teutons and all other pagans everywhere!!!


The world renowned Irish folk musician and accordion-virtuoso SHARON SHANNON is going to visit festival Keltska noc 2019 – Plumlov as her very first performance in the Czech Republic.

The Celtic Night 2019 International Music Festival is in the phase of tough preparations, and the program of the upcoming 18th anniversary is going to get the final frame. CN 2019 takes place 19th and 20th July 2019 – traditionally again at the campsite ZRALOK in Plumlov, nice little town in Moravia which boasts not only its special castle, but also Celtic history of its surroundings. Celtic Night 2018 is held with the financial participation of the Olomouc Region and the City of Prostejov. About 150 artists and performers from 9 different countries will perform in the CN 2019 program. The biggest novelty of the CN 2019 will be one of the best Irish musicians ever!!! SHARON SHANNON (IRL) with her band from Dublin.

Sharon Shannon is best known for his outstanding accordion play and his amazing ability to pass traditional Irish folk music, but give it a new edge and nerve by experimenting. 50-year-old Sharon Shannon started playing music as an eight-year-old and has published 16 albums over the years. Her 1991 debut album was the best-selling album of traditional Irish music ever released in Ireland. Sharon Shannon has closely cooperated and recorded music with Sinéad O’Connor and with many other world musicians such as Jackson Brown, Dónal Lunny, Moya Brennan, Christy Moore, Kirsty MacColl, Michael McGoldrick.

The novelty of this year’s Celtic Night will be the outstanding CISAL PIPERS group from Italy, which is one of the best Celtic music projects in its country. Another significant novelty of the CN will be RADIM ZENKL & Europick (USA/CZ) – Radim Zenkl is a world-famous Czech musician living in the USA since 1988, where he became the winner of the US National Mandolin Championship 1992 and in the USA he is named after him a new style of playing mandolin – the so-called. ‘zenkl style’. Also this year won’t be missing the forever stars of the CN: SLIOTAR from Ireland, SELFISH MURPHY from Dracula’s county -Transylvania, TOMÁŠ KOČKO and the Orchestra, as well as outstanding groups such as BRAN, IRISH ROSE (SK) DELORAINE, HAPPY TO MEET, KELT GRASS BAND and VINTAGE WINE. After a few years comes again the Celtic-punk band CURLIES, folk-metal WOLFARIAN and group of Irish traditional music DÁLACH . The CN 2019 will also include an Irish dance, which is likely to be performed by ERIU groups from Poland and DEMAIRT from Brno (the choice of dancers not closed yet). Friday’s midnight will be lit by fire actor AKÁDA and his retinue.

Celtic Night is not only about music and dance, but also about Celtic history and traditions. The members of LATENART group will be building their Celtic camp, where Celtic crafts will be shown to you, and Druid Luwer will tell many interested stories and facts about Celtic history and traditions. Our Celtic witch Erika will traditionally have a lecture on Celtic spirituality. Traditionally, the dancing lessons of Irish dances for you – the CN audience, will be taught by Démáirt. We are also discussing the possibility of several workshops to be held during the Saturday festival day.

Festival CELTIS NIGHT is not about the music and dance only, but also about Celtic history that is closely linked to our region. The members of the LATENART Group will build their Celtic Camp, where Celtic crafts will be shown and the Druid Luwer will tell you many interesting things about Celtic history and traditions. Our Celtic witch Erika will traditionally have a lecture about Celtic spirituality. New feature of the CN will be the Celtic combat/theater group MENHIR that will perform in the front of the main stage during Saturday afternoon same as traditional Irish dances will be taught by of the Demáirt Group. The Celtic and Viking Fights will be presented this year by the historical group ZUBRI (The BISONS), the rugged warriors which you can remember from CN2017. The Celtic Night is also about good mood and a beautiful atmosphere, which is created by all visitors to the festival who come from both the Czech Republic and abroad.

Of course will again be good food and drink of all kinds, including Celtic mead from Old Celt Robert. The Celtic Night is not a commercial festival, its main vision and mission is – and will be to continue reminding people of the cultural interconnection of many Europian countries through “Celtism” which, as a historical thread, links most of the countries of the European Union and has influenced the culture of many countries around the world. We want to show that our region is also an important part of this history.

We cordially invite all of you who likes Irish and Celtic music, Irish dancing, a true Celtic entertainment, come to spend a nice Celtic Weekend with us here in Plumlov. We look forward to see you all!

Tom Somr and organizational team of CN 2019.

keltska noc
keltska noc



celtic nigh


celtic night
keltska noc
keltska noc


celtic nigh

Also this year we are preparing a special, limited edition of clothing, items and accessories with the logo of our Celtic Night Festival with the option to purchase them at the official stand of the night in the Celtic festival area. The official stand Celtic Night Festival will be open throughout the festival, with the option to purchase also supports various music artists, performers, followed by shirts, caps, badges and other official materials with the logo of the festival Celtic night. So go ahead and enjoy the festival of Celtic proper clothing or adorned by some supplement!



keltska noc


keltska noc


keltska noc


keltska noc


“Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful … Great festival! Celtic night was fantastic. We had a very nice holiday among nice people, great bands and a wonderful atmosphere. The Morava is very nice. All is such cool, there. Irish group Sliotar was a great idea. Once again thank you so much for the beautiful holiday associated with the Festival Celtic Night at Plumlov. “

Laďka Budilová

keltska noc


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celtic night

The Celts are the oldest evidence of ethnic groups north of the Alps. Crystallizing the center of this population was the territory of southwest Bohemia, Bavaria, eastern France and adjacent parts of Switzerland. From starting the 5th century BC. N. L. Colonized in several waves throughout Western and Central Europe. They are the first known ethnic group, which has seriously affected the fate of our country, which… More here.

keltska noc


International Music Festival Celtic Night – Keltská noc is a two-day genre targeted festival of traditional Celtic culture, representing the best of Czech and world Celtic music scene. The Festival, held every year in the Czech Republic, Plumlov, camp Zralok, including rich accompanying programme, such as the Scottish Regiment combat demonstrations, Celtic blacksmith, Celtic bread baking demonstration, Celtic witch, demonstration of the traditional life of the Celts and Celtic crafts, teaching Irish dancing, midnight fire show, etc. On the stage of festival Celtic Night in an unbroken series of fifteen years, was introduced more than two hundred artists from Europe and overseas, such as the Irish Sliotar from Dublin, Los Paddys de la Pampas, Austrian Celtica Pipes Rock, Paddy Murphy, Irish Rose from Slovakia, Hungarian Selfish Murphy, Bran, Poitín, Gwalarn, Tomáš Kočko and Orchestr, České srdce and many others.

Celtic Night is a high-quality cultural event that well represents the Moravian region and its Celtic cultural traditions, the event which attracts more and more people, not only from Czech Republic, but also from abroad. The organizers are proud that International Music Festival Celtic Night with its unmistakable atmosphere is clearly portrayed as one of the best festivals of the genre throughout our country and already has its firm place on the cultural map of the Czech Republic and Europe. Long live to the festival Celtic Night in the Moravian Plumlov! We are looking forward to your visit at this year’s festival, Celtic Night.