CELKILT – Bloody brilliant five-member Celtic punk band from Roanne, France, near by Lyon, which was founded about 7 years ago and immediately at the beginning of her great career has achieved great success in the final of France’s Got Talent. Over the course of 5 years, they played around 400 concerts and festivals all over the world, sharing stage together with: Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, The Leveller, Altan, Tri Yann and many others. Their motto is: Rock ‘n’ Kilt !!! CelKilt blends to perfection the fire of the Irish Jig and the power of Rock, giving manic live performances that merrily leap from Irish trad to hints of AC / DC, The Beatles, or even Michael Jackson “a’la Bagpipe”. It’s all about punch and drawing you into the festive mood, with one single goal: to spread the power of the Kilt! “… Here is the story: Once upon a time the Great Alchemist gathered Water, Air, Earth and Fire around the Muse, he enthused them with the power of Rock and fury of the Irish Jig. He gave them gifts of fiddle, drums, bass, guitar, penny whistles and bagpipes and unto them didst he say: “You will take form and come to life! Play and you will know the power of the Kilt.” And thus it was so. And CelKilt was born, to the service of positive and energetic music that you can party to. The Alchemist then contemplated the awesomeness of his Works and said to himself: “This rocks..!!!” Then he went to the Pub for a good old pint of Guinness. Celkilt is now widely recognized as one of the best Celtic live acts in Europe and roams the world with one goal in mind: “To share the Power of the Kilt !!!” CelKilt arrives this year for the first time to perform in the Czech Republic and “share the power of Kilt” exclusively with us at the Celtic Night 2018 !!! TS