Cisal Pipers


Celtic and folk music band Cisalpipers, from Center-North region of Italy Emilia- Romagna, formed in the fall of 2004. It basically originated from the passion for bagpipes and a careful research in the vast historical and musical popular and traditional repertoire of Central and Northern Europe, including Italy. The Cisalpipers repertoire includes original compositions (testifying the band’s unique sound, based primarily on its components various musical experiences, from classical to pop, from world music to ethnic) and traditional tunes, played with, Emilian Bagpipe, Scottish Bagpipe, Whistles, Drums and Percussions. Cisalpipers music is a journey through centuries, touching on distant eras which have been lost, though each one of us, deep in his soul, can still feel those smells, sounds and visions.
Cisal Pipers – line up: Chiara Temporin Piva Emiliana, Great Highland Bagpipe, Low and Tin Whistles Marco V. Ferrazzi Lead Vocals, Synth Keyboard, Marching Bass Drum Davide Candini Piano, Synth Keyboard, Backing Vocals, Percussions Roberto Catani Electric Bass Guitar, Didgeridoo, Percussions Mauro Pambianchi Drumset, Historical and Snare Marching Drum, Percussions