keltska noc




Deloraine – medieval, pagan, fantasy, and witty music with the voice of the charming singer Lori and all the string instruments of Minstrell Derias. Deloraine play famous melodies with emotive Czech translations of the text (the originals of Skyrim, Witchcraft soundtrack, Hedningarna, Tourdion, Santa Maria, The Lord of the Rings and many others) and also compose their own compositions (eg Witch, Yennefer, Triss, Marigold, , which enthralling people enthuse and come out on fans eagerly awaited EP dedicated to the Wackyard world. Deloraine can play very intimately and comfortably, but to convey all the stormy emotions of their music and to dance all the spells around, record and perform live in five people with three other talented musicians. At Celtic Night 2018 will Deloraine perform for the first time and will be in 5-member cast: Lori-singing, Derias-string instruments, Marie-flutes and keyboards, David and Jakub – drums, violin, bass.