keltska noc




LUA – band from Prague led by guitarist Vojta Jindra, known for example from band Bran. Lua plays music and songs from both Ireland and other island countries in a fresh and distinctive manner. A modern rhythmic concept of Celtic music with subtle elements of folk and jazz will touch you with its very pure and professional design, but you still feel their great respect for the Irish music traditions. Who would ask about the meaning of Lua – here is the answer directly from the band: “The word Lua is like our music – it has many different meanings and we’ll be glad if you add your own as well… we just like that sound of it …” The Lua group will perform for its first time at The Celtic Night in Plumlov and we hope that their premiere will be a very enjoyable experience for all CN visitors. The line up: Vojtěch Jindra – ak. guitar, Lenka Molová – singing, Helena Marková – whistles and sax., Jitka Malczyk – fiddle, Tadeáš Mesany – double bass, Radim Chrobok – drums (text edit-TS)