keltska noc


keltska noc


This year’s Festival Celtic Night will take place at the Camp Zralok, Plumlov, Czech Republic in a romantic environment directly under Plumlov Castle. The address of the camp site: ATC Žralok Plumlov, Plumlov 43 Str., 798 03 Plumlov.

Term of the international music festival Celtic Night 2023, Plumlov camp Zralok:

Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 20th – 22nd, 2023



celtic night


“I would like to thank you for the beautiful Celtic Night. That’s how well prepared and tasteful festival is now hard to find. About the bands do not need to speak, Sliotar simply the best. Special thanks to sound master, few of the events are so well sounding. I want to appreciate the area complex and its “genius loci”. Well, it was great! Again thank you, and looking forward to next years of the festival Celtic Night!”

Ondřej Nehasil

keltska noc


Identification bracelets

Each visitor to the festival will receive after ticket submission an identification bracelet on his wrist, which allows to enter the premises at any time with possibility to leave site and then return. Identification bracelet is non-transferable, when damaged, is not valid. Each visitor is required when entering the festival area and during random checks within the area to prove valid bracelet to the security service. In the case of invalid bracelet or inability to prove the ticket, visitor is not allowed to enter or be escorted from the premises by security guards. Note: Ticket for two days is only valid for one person. The resolution of each festival’s day is according to the color of the non-transferable bracelet.


For security reasons is not permitted to bring to the festival area any glass containers, including bottles, cans, flammable weapons, any kind of drugs or narcotic substances, flammable objects, pyrotechnic objects, open fire, food and beverages, laser pointers, tape recorders, film cameras, camcorders (including DV, DV Cam, Betacam, Super VHS, Super 8 …) or professional cameras.

Oranizing Service

Organizing service is designed to protect visitors and guarding the festival site. Organizing personnel will be uniformly dressed and labeled “POŘADATEL”. For a pleasant and smooth running of the festival is to comply with the instructions of organizers and organizing service within their competences. Competences and obligations of organizing services: checking tickets and identification bracelets at the entrance to the festival area and inside the premises for the duration of the festival including random checks; personal inspection at the entrance to the areal; escort people out of festival site (a person without a valid ticket or damaged identification bracelet, aggressive person, person endangering safety, unauthorized resellers, retailers of violating a contract of sale, drug dealers); directing the movement of visitors in case of evacuation; avoidance of unauthorised person entering reserved area; assistance to handicapped visitors when entering the barrier area; information about medical service; protecting visitors, performers and festival equipment.

Camping at the Camp Zralok

We warmly welcome the Celts, bringing sleeping bags and tents. Throughout the Celtic weekend it is possible camping inside the camp area. Camp Zralok as a separate entity accounting for its services according to the current price list. The price of camping is not included in the entrance fee to the festival Celtic Night. Upon entering the premises, you should register in the camp behind the cash register. The necessary hygiene for residents is possible to maintain using the social background of the camp. If staying overnight, you should not forget to bring: insurance card, identity card, valid ticket, money, toiletries, necessary medicines, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit.

Refreshments and Additional Sales

Within the organization of the festival Celtic Night premises offers plenty of selling points with a fine selection of beverages, snacks and gourmet specialties. During the festival you also have the opportunity to purchase handcrafted items with Celtic themes. Throughout the festival time will be opened the official stand of Celtic Night with musical performers CD’s of each performer, as well as T-shirts, caps, badges and other official material branded by logo of the festival Celtic night.

Place for wheelchairs and handicapped

There will be a dedicated place for wheelchairs and handicapped visitors at the Celtic Night festival grounds. The place will be visibly marked. When entering the premises, contact the organizing service labeled POŘADATEL with the request for assistance. Visitors with handicapped cards are entitled to a 50% discount on admission. We also accept handicapped cards from other EU Member States.

Photo and Video Recording

Each person entering the festival area agree without further notification with free use of their image or portrait as part of any video recording, transmission or reproduction for commercial or promotional purposes within view all or part of the event and in connection with the festival Celtic Night, by the organizer and its partners.

keltska noc


“Hello, we are a terrible shame, it’s been almost a week since we experienced a wonderful festival Celtic Night and we not thanks to all of you who have organized the event! So thank you so much for the wonderful experience and helpfulness, you gave us. Celtic Night, we really enjoyed it and it will stay in our memories long time. We wish you good health and strength to the other activities.”

Marcela a Jan Červinkovi

keltska noc


The main vision and mission of the Celtic Night festival into the future is and will be – to remind people of the mutual cultural interconnectedness of European countries through “Celticism”, which as a historical thread connects a large part of the European Union. We also want to show that our region is an important part of this history.

Tomáš Somr
Art Director (Chairman of the KELTSKÁ NOC, z.s.)

International Music Festival Celtic Night – Keltská noc is a two-day genre targeted festival of traditional Celtic culture, representing the best of Czech and world Celtic music scene. The Festival, held every year in the Czech Republic, Plumlov, camp Zralok, including rich accompanying programme, such as the Scottish Regiment combat demonstrations, Celtic blacksmith, Celtic bread baking demonstration, Celtic witch, demonstration of the traditional life of the Celts and Celtic crafts, teaching Irish dancing, midnight fire show, etc. On the stage of festival Celtic Night in an unbroken series of fifteen years, was introduced more than two hundred artists from Europe and overseas, such as the Irish Sliotar from Dublin, Los Paddys de la Pampas, Austrian Celtica Pipes Rock, Paddy Murphy, Irish Rose from Slovakia, Hungarian Selfish Murphy, Bran, Poitín, Gwalarn, Tomáš Kočko and Orchestr, České srdce and many others.

Celtic Night is a high-quality cultural event that well represents the Moravian region and its Celtic cultural traditions, the event which attracts more and more people, not only from Czech Republic, but also from abroad. The organizers are proud that International Music Festival Celtic Night with its unmistakable atmosphere is clearly portrayed as one of the best festivals of the genre throughout our country and already has its firm place on the cultural map of the Czech Republic and Europe. Long live to the festival Celtic Night in the Moravian Plumlov! We are looking forward to your visit at this year’s festival, Celtic Night.