Looking for volunteers
5 January 2023
Keltská noc

The two-day Celtic Night festival requires precise organization and, above all, reliable people for its smooth running. We are looking for volunteers to rely on who are interested in becoming active members of our team and really helping with the organization of the festival. It is not just about the physics of the work, but also about the organizational issues behind the scenes of the festival, V.I.P. zone, background of performers, etc. That is why we are looking for men and women, boys and girls with the necessary dose of enthusiasm.

Come put your hand on it!

If you want to experience the festival "on the other side" and actively participate in its operation - contact us. Your participation in the festival will be without a ticket purchased, but you will need to be there before the festival starts. At the beginning, you will be professionally trained within the assigned tasks, equipped with the festival clothing of the organizers, and during the festival days you will receive a small snack every day. Time is not just about work, so you can enjoy the festival properly in your free time.

If you are interested in volunteering at this year's event, contact us for more information.


Petra Šmerdová

phone: +420 775 210 252


Organizing team CN.