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Celtycki Wrocław is a gathering of musicians coming from an association promoting Celtic culture in Poland. Be it Irish jigs and reels, songs of love, rebellion and drinking, as well as Breton dance tunes, the trio share their music with exceptional energy and passion.

Ula Kapała, a Dubliner for many years, is one of the most recognised Polish folk singers and guitar players responsible for the Celtic folk revival in the country. Łukasz Potoczny, a multi instrumentalist (banjo, acoustic guitar, accordion) and a singer, is a versatile Irish trad player and the leader of a vibrant session community in Wrocław. Jakub "Goldfinch" Szczygieł is an experienced Irish flute and whistle player, a composer and a successful instrument maker (Goldfinch Whistles), known from other Celtic-oriented bands such as Beltaine. Band members:


  • Ula Kapała – vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Łukasz Potoczny – vocals, banjo, diatonic accordion
  • Jakub Szczygieł – Irish flute, whistles