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The Cisal Pipers, a Celtic folk band from the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna, was founded in autumn 2004. Their music is based on their passion for the musical instrument of bagpipes and on a careful research of the extensive historical, musical, popular and traditional repertoire of Central and Northern Europe, including Italy.

The repertoire of Cisal Pipers includes original compositions, based on the unique sound of the band, combined in its components with various musical experiences and experiments, from classical style to pop, world music with Celtic roots to ethnic music, using instruments such as: Emilian Bagpipe, Scottish Bagpipe , Whistles, Drums and Percussion.

The music of Cisal Pipers is like a journey through the centuries, touching distant periods which, although long lost, each of us still feels with their scents and sounds deep in our souls, still reminding us of our roots.