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Emerald Shine is a Czech folk metal band from Nové Jičín. He also performs concerts abroad, for example in Poland. The band defines its playing style as Fantasy metal. The group was founded in 2010 by Leena (Lenka Jašková) and Richie (Radomír Vrzal. Over the years, until 2017, the band changed its line-up and searched for its distinct, unique style, until it firmly anchored itself at the harbor called folk-metal with Celtic roots.

In March 2018, the band released their first official music video for the song "Rainy Night", which was successful in the Czech Parade on TV Rebel, where it eventually became the "potato" video of 2018, i.e. it finished in 4th place. In November of the same year, the expected debut album "Misty Tales" was released. In 2018, the band supported other folk metal bands such as Argentinian Skiltron or Russian Kalevala.

The current members of the band are: Leena, Richie, Dushinka, M. Polívka, K. Rýc and Klára Šindelková.