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Fiach bán - is an Irish dance group that was founded in 2005 and operates in Olomouc. He is dedicated to both soft (dance in soft shoes) and Irish step. In addition to participating in international competitions in solo dances, she also focuses on performances with her own choreography at various events (e.g. festivals, city celebrations, company parties, balls, etc.).

In addition to dance performances, the group also offers short lessons in Irish dancing at these events in the form of so-called Ceilí dances. Important news! Also this autumn, as in previous years, the Fiach Bán group is opening so-called beginner lessons in Olomouc for both adults and children. More information about their Irish dance lessons can be found on the troupe's website.

And finally, one interesting thing: the name of the group Fiach Bán is from the Irish language and means "White Raven".