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The group Happy To Meet was formed by the union of experienced musicians of various musical genres. It came to the attention of listeners as part of the so-called "Celtic wave", which flooded the Czech music scene a few years ago. Instead of continuing to follow the Irish tradition, Happy To Meet crossed the boundaries of the genre, focused on their own work, and today the Celtic touch is not only a spice, but also a welcome inspiration for their distinctive sound. Both their vocal performance is original - the energetic singer Martina Ženožičková is complemented by bass baritone Gogo Bílek, as well as the instrumental cast - in addition to the classic rock trio (drums, bass, guitar), violin, banjo, dobro, mandolin and Irish flute play a significant role in the sound.

Happy To meet are primarily a concert band, known for being able to get almost any audience dancing. They sing in Czech and English, and the list of festivals at which they performed or regularly play is endless. For all of them, let's name at least the biggest folk festival Zahrada, from the folk audience they also received the Golden Key for the Discovery of the year 2000, or the rock Trutnov open air, the Scottish Games and Beltine or the Celtic Night festival in Plumlov. They also perform abroad, in Poland, Holland and Slovakia.

Happy To Meet have five CDs to their credit: Live 99, Kusovka, Give me water, Yachay and Haifara, and another one is currently on the way, on Good Day Records. You can also find two video clips and several samples from live concerts on YouTube.