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Isara is a musical group that moves between folk, rock and world music. Its history dates back to 2005, and over the past years its instruments and personnel as well as its musical style have developed - from their own folk-rock creations, through the influences of Renaissance and folk music from Slovakia and Moravia to Ireland.

Currently, the core of the repertoire is a number of Scottish, Irish and English folk songs and ballads, which Isara devotes himself to with reverence and respect for the original texts and traditional arrangements. Nevertheless, "rock" and "folk" do not disappear from the genre mix. The band is based on the maximum use of traditional acoustic instruments (accordion, flutes, mandolin, acoustic guitar) and polyphonic vocals, but all this on a rock foundation of bass guitar and drums.

The result will not offend a traditionalist, a folkist or a rocker. Thanks to this, you can meet Isara at a number of traditional (Beltine, Scottish Games, Samhain, Celtování) and folk (Holidays in Telč, Garden, Folk Róze) festivals. He often performs on club stages throughout the country.