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British folk-metal band from Nottinghamshire. With a shout of "Ahoy" sails from Nottinghamshire the band Red Rum; a gang of cutthroat pirates, epic rum guzzlers and bloodthirsty warriors!

Their music combines elements of folk and hard metal into one compact and uncompromising whole.

On their travels, Red Rum have truly cemented their place in the world of folk metal, successfully sharing stages with such greats as Sodom, Skindred, Alestorm and many more!

Their debut album BOOZE AND GLORY is a strong step forward from the acclaimed EP 'With Gods By Our Side' - bringing together a wide range of musical influences and making full use of each one's abilities, the members mastering their instrument, the power of the music surfacing and coming together in the full sound of epic pirate metal.

So get your rum and beer ready, because Red Rum is coming and it's going to be a blast!