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The two-time winners of the Anděl Award for Album of the Year, their album Poplór scored in the prestigious TOP 20 European World Music Charts, the album To the Stone Carved or Ondráš became a forerunner of the Polish theater performance Ondraszek - Mr. Łysej Góry.

With their music inspired by traditional Moravian music, they tour Europe from Russia to Ireland, playing at folklore, folk, rock and metal festivals. While their first album - Horní chlapci - is a folk tribute to the Wallachian poet Ladislav Nezdaril, the current CD - Cestou na jih - is an ethno-rock journey through the folklore regions of Moravia from north to south. And in the span between these albums you will find the music of Tomáš Koček and his Orchestra. World music with Moravian roots. The songwriter Tomáš Kočko came to the attention of the wider public with a recital in which he set to music the poetry of a poet writing in the dialect of the Beskydy highlanders - Ladislav Nezdařil. He popularized and for many discovered the Beskydy bard, who dedicated his work to his native mountains, their inhabitants, customs and famous heroes of this region. Songs based on poetic texts by Ladislav Nezdařil form a significant part of Kočko's repertoire, which he has been performing in the musical formation "Tomáš Kočko & Orchestra" for several years.

The second important part of the repertoire is the original response work inspired by bandit themes, especially legends and songs about Ondráš, the legendary hero of the Beskydy mountains. The repertoire is complemented by special arrangements of traditional Moravian songs.