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Eriu is a dance troupe of Irish dances from Poland, operating in Krakow since 2006. The initiative of a few passionate dancers who were enchanted by Irish music was the beginning of the group's existence. Their patron, which is obvious from the name of the group, is Eriu - in Irish mythology, the goddess of the sovereignty of Ireland, who gave Ireland its original original name: Eriu - Éire.

The group from Krakow unites dancers from all backgrounds and professions, whose passion for Irish music and Irish dance leads to interesting solutions for scenic choreography. The ensemble's choreographer is Agata Kowalczyk, a dancer with extensive stage experience, a graduate of the qualification course for instructors in the field of folk dance.

Eriu celebrated dance successes mainly on Polish dance scenes and big dance performances, e.g. in the Nowa Huta Cultural Center and Folk Theater, in the Municipal Cultural Center in Nowy Targ or in the plays of the Dance Theater in Kielce: Wybór, "Odsłony", "Splecione w nas", "Kobieta", "Dwa światy, czyli gdy do baśni zakrada się mrok...", "Trzy odzienie zieleni".