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Hakka Muggies is a Shetland dish made from fish stomachs and cod liver. The Prague band of the same name, founded in 2002, in exactly the same way represents an exotic delicacy to some and a smelly abomination to others. In his repertoire, he uses folklore motifs of the Celtic nations, which he combines in a unique way with hard rock and occasional detours to metal and punk. At Hakka Muggies concerts and recordings, you will hear mysterious flutes, sweet fiddles, restless bodhran, tender vocals, hard riffs, Irish bagpipes, double tap and growling. 

Since its foundation, the band Hakka Muggies has worked its way up from playing for a few acquaintances in temporary spaces to well-attended concerts, mainly in Prague clubs.

Among the deepest notches on the biographical stock are performances at Celtic and rock festivals (Celtic Night in Plumlov, Beltine, Trutnov open air, Rock for people, Festival Dobrego Piwa in Wroclaw, ...), concert collaboration with foreign bands (Sliotar, Cruachan, Skiltron, Nine Treasures) and the fact that the Hakka Muggies keep moving forward, successfully zigzagging between children, horses, employers and quail.