celtic night performers



The instrumental composition "Irish Morning" in a soulful performance by the author of the composition himself - Tom Somro - is an integral part of every edition of the Celtic Night. The composition "Irish Morning" thus became essentially the anthem of the Celtic Night festival itself, and we can look forward to this beautiful composition again this year.

Tomáš Somr – a professional musician from the Czech Republic who has many years of experience in music of many different styles: swing, jazz, rock, pop, classical and folk music. Tomáš belongs to the category of multi-instrumentalists and controls more than 10 instruments. In his productions he uses: three saxophones, clarinet, pan flute, transverse flute, Irish whistles, electric and acoustic guitar and keyboards.

He graduated from the music conservatory in the Czech Republic. He has always played music of all possible genres and his musical history is very comprehensive. Since the year he has performed mainly abroad (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Majorca) and in 1993 the musical wind blew him all the way north to the Kingdom of Denmark, where the old royalist liked it so much that he has remained here to this day. During the last 20 years he has played and worked with a number of Danish and other foreign ensembles and artists.